Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Janette- Sadik Khan, one transportation commissioner every city would love to have. Janette Sadik-Khan has given New York City residents a lot of reasons to love their city even more. The transport commissioner has come a long way in helping reduce the congestion the City. New York seems to be under some transformation, under the Bloombergian plan for a greener New York, PlaNYC.

In this radical drive for decongestion, Janette seems to have made her mark. Segregated bike routes, pedestrianising a part of Times Square, cycle sharing... all these seem to have been serving well to the city and the Bloomberg's PlaNYC.
According to the statistics, bike use has shot up to almost twice since 2006 and the city saw a growth of 13% in 2009-10.

However, the idea of having pedestirainised Times square did infuriate the cabbies, but Janette is handling all that pretty well. Janette's new marketing plan is telling New york "what's best for business". The campaign is targeting the 96% of the Wall Street work force that use mass transit everyday to work.

Janette said that the segregated bike routes have been a major success in terms of safety. The green cycling lanes have helped cut down the Cyclist injuries almost by 50% and all injuries have gone down by 40 %. Also, this year will see a new campaign that is aimed at persuading the bikers to follow the rules. Last year, NYPD gave out 29,000 tickets to bikers.

The campaign aims at making the roads safer, by asking the bikers to use their roads considerately.

Every city has traffic issues, and the only way to calm them down is to hire likes of Janette Sadik-Khan, unless the streets in your city a vehicular melting pot of harmony!

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