Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Electric Boat Corp. has not been relocating the workers from Norwich to the New
London plant they purchased from Pfizer Inc. last year. EB is hoping to finish
its lease in Norwich’s industrial park and they might even consider extending the agreement,
depending on the business. EB currently employs 400 workers and has completed two
years in the five-year lease at the Stanley Israelite Norwich Business Park.
After the meeting at the Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa in Groton, president Jhon
Casey said that they are happy with what they have currently at Norwich. He also
mentioned that if their programs grow, they might keep it at Norwich.

After Casey’s speech, Robert Nardone, EB’s Vice president of human resources and
administration said that they hope to keep the Norwich plant.

Casey also mentioned that the work for repair and assembly employees at Gorton
shipyard may decline in the second half of the year.“Through March there’s a good
quantity of work, But beyond that it looks a bit dusky. The second half of the
year looks a little slow on the Groton waterfront.” Casey said.

Casey also mentioned that the company has strengthened its relationship with its
Most important customer , The US Navy.
“In an atmosphere where the Defense Secretary Robert Gates is looking for budget
savings,EB has done an impressive job in justifying its contracts.”, U.S. Rep.
Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, said.

He also said that the atmosphere isn’t going to take any turns soon, and
that they will have to be cautious.
Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Joan McDonald said
“ The State government wants to continue its “strong partnership” with EB”

Since 1989, EB will produce two submarines instead of one in 2011 for the first

Congress has given a nod for more than $600 million for programs related to the nuclear
missile-armed Ohio-class submarine and Electric Boat is expecting $1 billion next
year for other programs including the design work, Casey said. EB plans to build 12 for the
US Navy and 4 for Britain. The price for the submarines has not yet been decided,
but the estimate seems to hover around $100 million.

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Janette- Sadik Khan, one transportation commissioner every city would love to have. Janette Sadik-Khan has given New York City residents a lot of reasons to love their city even more. The transport commissioner has come a long way in helping reduce the congestion the City. New York seems to be under some transformation, under the Bloombergian plan for a greener New York, PlaNYC.

In this radical drive for decongestion, Janette seems to have made her mark. Segregated bike routes, pedestrianising a part of Times Square, cycle sharing... all these seem to have been serving well to the city and the Bloomberg's PlaNYC.
According to the statistics, bike use has shot up to almost twice since 2006 and the city saw a growth of 13% in 2009-10.

However, the idea of having pedestirainised Times square did infuriate the cabbies, but Janette is handling all that pretty well. Janette's new marketing plan is telling New york "what's best for business". The campaign is targeting the 96% of the Wall Street work force that use mass transit everyday to work.

Janette said that the segregated bike routes have been a major success in terms of safety. The green cycling lanes have helped cut down the Cyclist injuries almost by 50% and all injuries have gone down by 40 %. Also, this year will see a new campaign that is aimed at persuading the bikers to follow the rules. Last year, NYPD gave out 29,000 tickets to bikers.

The campaign aims at making the roads safer, by asking the bikers to use their roads considerately.

Every city has traffic issues, and the only way to calm them down is to hire likes of Janette Sadik-Khan, unless the streets in your city a vehicular melting pot of harmony!

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